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Easy Ordering Process

1. Send us your design for a quote.

We can give you a quote with just an image of your design. However, we would prefer Vector design files. If you don’t have access to the vector file, we can convert the digital image into a vector format for a small fee. Vectorization allows the artwork to be scaled to any size without losing quality, which is crucial for signage.


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2. Mock-Up and Approval:

Before finalizing the production of the sign, we create a mock-up for review. This allows for any necessary adjustments or modifications before the actual fabrication.

3. Pictures and Payment

We send pictures when you signs is ready, along with an invoice for your sign. You only pay it if you are happy with how the sign turn out



Prices are based on designs and sizes. Of course the more complicated design and bigger signs will cost more. Here are some example of our signs in different sizes along with price so you can get an idea of how much a sign would cost.